We are perfectly perfect for each other

We are perfectly perfect for each other

Every relationship has its own beauty, and one should not compare any of it with others. Also, this indicates that you might not be entirely sure about it and having doubts about it, which only happens with a lack of trust. We are perfectly perfect for each other

I am the person who trusts God’s plan with all the whole heart, not even having a pinch of doubt about it. And God’s plan would be the best. So, know in every situation he is planning the best for me, which could be possible in the situation. So does how God puts you in my life πŸ™ƒ. In the first look, just a random person but with specific different features. Just like your helping nature and the things goes along and get to know you.

We are perfectly perfect for each other

We are perfectly perfect for each other

Umm… It’s not started at once as how introvert you are when it comes to sharing about you and what goes in. But, the one major thing helps πŸ˜› that is the common things we have. I mean, like how is this even possible to have so many similarities with someone who is not connected to you by blood. And also not the as known person from childhood. See, this is what that God does, he/she got his/her own plan to bring us close slowly. From being a random person to my favorite person.

Physical distance has always been there, but that didn’t able to our bonding and often coming so far with you. Know that everything will happen in its own way.

The best part of my life is you and the best moment is also because of you. You are completely completing me, which doesn’t mean that I was incomplete πŸ˜›. But after sharing things with you, spending time with you, caring you, and shedding tears with you feels like being complete and happy as never before.

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