letter to the width of my smile

A letter to the width of my smile, to my forever love ❤️

My Dear love ❤️ I am grateful that we have completed one more year of togetherness, love, prosperity, care, and cherishing each other in our lives. These passing years says a lot how much we love each other. Though I don’t want them to pass so quickly and feel like only months. And Happy Birthday my love 😚 width of my smile 🎂🥳🎁

I hope I could be there and celebrate your day but things didn’t went as planned. Still, its one of the best day of the year when such a honest heart born. Another year of loving memories, smiles, and another year getting to call you mine 😚 I don’t know what I could do to make it happiest day for you. But I want it to be your best day 🤗

You have bought the best moments to my life and only seeing you makes me feel good and smile. From the day we met first to today, it always feel like I have known you and been a part of you. And now, days feel incomplete when I don’t get to hear from you.

I hope the upcoming days bring lots of happiness to you 😘 and you enjoy and learn things at your training. It’s on the important thing for you now. And I want you to be the best in it. And stay healthy but not busy in your routine 🙈 Don’t forgot that am here waiting for you to appear or call 😚 I know you call me right away whenever you get to but it’s always less 🙈 no matter how long we stay together or talk.

And I love our long staring video calls 😚 but still can’t look in your eyes while we are talking. It was the hardest thing for me in our first few meetings. When we met last time, it was a total different scenario. You was worried and I didn’t knew it. And when I got to know, you were not with me. It felt so bad and heartbreaking that I didn’t knew what had happened.

I wanted to go back to you and hug you tightly. But it was so late. Well, I trust God’s plan and know he will do the best, in ways that we can’t even think of. I believe one day we will be together, under on roof, where no need to say bye. 🤗 I hope the day come soon.

I couldn’t forget the first time I saw you. You know when I close my eyes I could see it all. I could also still fall the warmth of our handshake 😚 when you were shivering in cold. I thank God each and everyday, for making our story happen, for answering my prayers, for bringing you into my life. Regardless of the circumstances we are being together and having faith in us.

I love all the things you do just to make me smile everyday. All these things and so much more, make you every so special to me. And I can’t wait to celebrate many many many… many birthdays together. 🤗

Here are my birthday wishes, for the girl who owns my heart ❤️ I wish we’ll be there for each other for all the years to come, darker or lighter ones. I wish for all your dreams come true, (as mine did the day I met you) I’ll be there to support your through it all. I wish you will keep on having your loving smile on your prettiest face 😚 With all my love, happy birthday Jaana 🎂🥳

We know it is your birthday, but I want you to know that, with you by my side, for me everyday is our birthday 🤗

Happy Birthday my love ❤️

Lots of love ❤️😘

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