Passing Every Moment is Special, When it’s with You

Hey Love ❤️,

Their’s alot of things that i want for us to happen and i have been waiting for them to happen since so long but because of all of these overwhelming hopes and wishes, most of times forget what i have with you now and i should recognise it and live it to the most because these passings days never returning back again and will turn as our memories and i want us to be happy in it. I know, there are zillions possible things that we wanted to work out but it hasn’t yet so what, i still have you and this beautiful relation with you which is not tinted a bit so far and it’s amazing too and I don’t wanna forget it in process.


Having you by my side at my worst and best is nothing to be compared of. I couldn’t ask for anything more. I’m privileged that I’m part of your life and you lives in my heart and it’s not even in my power to leave you ever. You made my life and me at ease. Life ups and down doesn’t feel much when i have you, to share with.


You truly inspired me to grow, and be not just staisfied with everything but to want more and do more and nurture all the close relations we have with our family and friends and i’m glad that I’m one of them 🙃. My life take a quite big turn when you walk in my destiny 😊 and it’s become brighter and happier as it’s never been. You filled the void space that i never felt that there is any.


For once, i just want to stop wishing that it would be good if that happen or if i did that or thinking about something that gone and could have done better. Because it’s all beautiful right now and i know things will happen at their right time and with you everything is perfect 🙃 and got so many filmy incident and God saved my face every time 🙈 from the day when we were walking few feet apart on a lane for the first time till now walking hand in hand.


I know what we lived till yet is a really tiny part. We have so many years ahead of us and i know it would be a one thrilled, happening, beautiful and lovely journey 😋.


I’m so glad that your next birthday i would actually present you gift and maybe will be there with you to celebrate and on my own as I’m finally standing on my feet. I have so many ideas for it already and will do my best too to make it one special and memorable birthday of yours 🤗.


You are working so hard and doing whatever you could do for us to happen and for your family and everything and I respect it and want to do the same from my side too not actually same but as much as i can do 🙈.


I never thought the filmy kind of love will actually shake my hand from reel to real life 😃. Well when you are in love , things actually go as goes in the movies. So yes! I found my one true soulmate and I’m totally aware of it. I never let you go and always hold on to you and we are already being like one old couple who doesn’t need to know more about each other as they had learnt every bit of it 😋.


There are so many things in my life that i want to do but I can’t imagine it without you. You always there in it right beside me. In my memories lanes, you gave the beautiful ones that am forever gonna cherish it and it stays close to my 💖.


Be smiling and happy as you are right now while reading it 🤗 cuz i know how cheerful you get while reading my letter 🙃.


Love You Forever ♥️.





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