love you more

I don’t just love you. I love you more 😚

First, I feel too much in love with you 😚 Love you the way you are, and no one can come across 😛. And I love to say this to you whenever you are upset or smiling. I know sometimes I don’t tell you enough on time 🙈, but I am very proud to call you my love 😚.

Second, From the day we started talking, I want to do my best to keep your face smiling and your heart filled with love. BTW, it was unexpected, being in love with you. But, there was just something special about you, something indescribable, that makes you different from others. The more I got to know you, the real you. And I am thankful to God that we met 😋. 

I love you. Which is to say I want to pursue a life with you. I want to wake up every single morning to your face, fall asleep to the sound of your breathing, and want to be through this life together 😚. And when you say these words to me, how can I possibly convey the depth of my heart to you in return? 

So I don’t just love you. I love you more 😚

I love you more for everything that you are to me. These three words sometimes do not hold all of my passion for the person you are. But I also don’t have to try hard to let you know. Because you are just great in knowing it all. We all have numbered days, and I want to spend this numbered forever with you.

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