Not the Ending but the Beginning of New Journey


As this year is ending but you have blessed me with your continuous presence, your affection, your love, your support,your everything.

This year is not just like all others years that had gone this far of my life because this is the year which brings the pleasant memories of my birthday. And my this birthday is considered as the happiest and the sweetest one yet as you made it special in every way and this I consider as the happiest moment of whole year.

This year might be ending but our relation starting to blossom 😊

This year , I got to see you only once and that too on the occasion ( you always look for occasion unlike me) of my birthday. My birthday is already been so special with your presence but you made it more by all those beautiful memories of m first things πŸ˜‹ . Now, I’ve right to call you mine. Now, we are not apart anymore. We have been together for many years but not like this . You were the closest to me but the term has been change now. One more thing that new happened this year that I cried not out of sorrow but out of feel loved this year. You didn’t let any dull moment for the whole day.

You make me feel loved, so much loved that I might not able to express it nicely. As you were doing everything possible to see me. And not being well, still you travelled this long journey which become whole exhausting and didn’t even allow you to rest properly and sleep. The way you look at me with so much love in your eyes, its incredible.

I don’t really get it that how you dreams are so creative. But love the thing that I always being part of it.It also show how much I stays in your mind and heart. And also love to hear them. Whatever you do it’s only emphasis your love towards me.Only for me which makes me feel so so special.

It’s easy to love the person who is bonded with you by blood as they already had that connection. Fallen in love with someone who is different from you in every way ( only if you look at it from outside, in first go) but having similar more than any close person. You have in your life is only happens as they got this connection from Above. As it says “pairs made in heaven”. You make me believe in it. As in no other way, in this whole world I would able to find you and love you so much as I do and being loved as never before and witness it as its increasing by passing time and develop this deep love between us.

I always wonder what I did that have found you, someone who is out of the world for me, whom I trust more than anyone and have faith in, being loved this much. As you know, I don’t appreciate my childhood so much and I don’t feel that I had been loved enough by my family who never really compared me but I did and did everything to make me happy but somehow I felt less, being neglected and if all that happens lately to have found you then its all good πŸ€—.

It’s the beginning of our new journey as together which might be as easy or difficult as it is for everyone as everyone have their own path so do we will have. But your presence is enough to get through all it, having you by my side have abilities to favour all odds in our way. You have solutions to my every problem. And this Journey of life become so special and beautiful because of you and know future hold the best for us. πŸ™ƒ

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