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Founded on April 09, 2018, My Dear Crush is a website having a collection of the Letters for Friends, Best Friends, and loved ones. We work hard to provide you with quality Prose and Poetry related to the taste of your reading.

The Founder of My Dear Crush is an IT Professional but his heart is in prose and poetry. He likes to express his thoughts and feelings to the whole wide world. All he writes is whatever inspires him. Emotions and thoughts that come directly from the heart are of the purest forms, they are not manufactured.

Some peoples believe that writing is all about the words directly from the heart, but this is not right at all. There are a lot of emotions in the heart and all of them gets jumbled. Great words come when you have the fire in your heart, and sort it out in your head and know how you want to deploy your emotions and then pen down the words.


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From the Author

I have great taste in prose and poetry since my childhood. I was fond of reading and saving Urdu poetry of famous poets, that is the only reason that I had poetry on of my subject at school.

My primary career and knowledge are all about Technology. I usually write codes, create websites, find bugs in software and work for cybersecurity etc. You could call me a geek for this reason but I would surely found is as offensive 😛 because you can’t call me like that I am not of those ones😛. I also have a life outside of technology.

CSA Labs, No! I can’t forget it easily. This is the first startup for me and my best friend ( Rohit ). We mostly work together on every project whether it is for college or our personal project. CSA Labs is all about Technology and Cyber Security, You could learn a lot about Cyber Security and find the latest bugs and threats spreading across the globe.

I would like to mention on my closest person, who made me write. Yeah! I was hard to complete a line and she made me write long, even longer contents, The letters. I remember when I wrote my first letter, it was pretty hard for me to express my feelings in words because I am not good at finding words for my emotions. Whenever I feel sad or anything like this, I became out of words. I won’t tell you her name but most of my writings here are for her.

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If you are good at expressing your feelings in words and are passioned about your pen life, You could join us to express your words to the world. There is no special requirement to join our team but only words. To become part of our community, mail us at [email protected] with your details and sample of work.

If you have any complaint, query or question, you can mail us at [email protected]. Please allow us up to 3 working days to respond to your mail.