new year

Here’s all I want to say to you on this New Year

Hey, writing after a quite long time for you, and I know you might be expecting it in this new year. We share our feelings, emotions, and thoughts with each other, but here always something that we have to say to each other. And this is the best way of expressing those thoughts. I wanted to start writing this letter for the new year but got late like last time. It’s the last day of the year, and of course, I want to wish you a Happy New Year.
new year

You make my days complete, and you are also an essential part of it

Your presence is something that I am being addicted to. You know a few hours seem longer to me when you are not here. Just as last time, when I was waiting for your call from around 2 hours. Your absence makes me a little bit upset when I try to connect to you, and you are unavailable. It happens rarely, but it always has the same impact on me.
This year went too soon, and I am grateful that you had been a constant part of it. Time is pulling us closer from year to year. Last year it was not much easy to hear from you when I want to. This year, you were here when I wanted you and missed you. I hope that it will hold the same effect in the upcoming years too.
We are not just a friend now, and it makes things more special that we know about what we feel for each other. I know about me that now I can express myself to you freely. It was the same before too that we did not think what other one will think. There are many things that I was not able to express, and one of them is that I love you. And now no day goes when I don’t say this to you lots of time.
I have always seen you as someone who is better than everyone. Better in understanding, being with, and expressing things. You are someone who is hard to find, as we mostly have trust issues with people. We have God-given trust in each other from the beginning, and maybe it made our bonding more strengthen. I love what I have with you and always want to hold onto it. Things between us can never be changed, even if we try to. But why would we ever try it? I love you and have all trust in you.
Not taking your name here, but I can call you with my given name. Haynah, its just a few years that passed as compared to how many years we will have together. But not just years, I want to hold your hand forever. And those years will hold lots of moments that will make our relation more strengthen, lovable, and caring. BTW, you always ask me why do I love you, and I reply with that I don’t need any reason for that.
Reasons may change for what I love you. I love you for what you are and what you were and will always love you for what you will become. You are not sure about your future these days, but remember that it will be great. And I always say it to you that instead of worrying about the future, work for it. I want everything better for you than how can I agree with something less in your coming time.
new year
We started this year as a best friend hmm I use term “bestest friend”. And at the end of this year, we know that we love each other. It one of the best things happen that I have you at my side, finding is also one of it. BTW, one of my promises given to you was that will be there with you always, and now I can hold onto it efficiently.
You are the one who always stays in my mind. Even when I am stressed, I find myself calmer than usual while being with you. I can not find the correct words that can describe how much love I feel for you. I miss you also, but distance is not able to affect anything about us. I know we have a long road ahead of us, but I want to stick through it with you. No matter how many dull moments we have, always remember that you are always so special to me and have a special place in my heart.
Many times I spend my hours thinking when will I see you next. Talking to you always brings a smile on my face and a pleasant feeling. I can’t describe the way you makes me feel. You are too close to me than anyone, and I hope we will stay together everyday. Even though you are far away, but too close to my heart. I love how special you makes me feel, love how you hold me. I love how you smile when I see you and do not say anything. Love how I can talk to you for hours. Love how you squeeze my hand when you hold it. Love how we can call each other anytime. Love how you lay next to me and say you imagine this moment many times. Love how everything is perfect with you. Love how you say we are perfect for each other. Love how you see the person I really am. Love that you never judge me over anything. Love how you kiss me. Love how I got nervous when I hold you for the first time and then how you reacted. Love how I feel comfortable with you than with anyone else. Love how you worry about me and take care of me. Love how you insist that everything will be alright, and make me feel at ease. I love how I am important to you. Love how you stop everything for me when I am sad. Love how I can make you happy anytime. Love how you get towards me whenever you are sad. Love how you say everything to me. Love how we have developed a deep love. Love how I can see myself with you forever. Love how we talk about being together forever. I love everything about you, but first and foremost, I love you at fullest.

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