birthday wish

A birthday wish, which not everyone one prefer

A birthday wish is supposed to be received on a birth date but what if even after doing all the effort you not being able to wish your favourite person on right time or if not be able to wish as you wanted to… Well, In my case I just wished. Hmm, simple as that which is really not the way as I wanted it to be. Thought of doing a lot of things on this special occasion but it just not happened or can say the situation didn’t let me😐 I don’t do time travel as u say πŸ™„ and can’t get back to that day, the thing I can do is what you love getting. OK, not on your birthday but today…

See, it gas one nice thing along with it that you would get twice birthday wish in a single year which isn’t that bad πŸ˜› So here are they… Sorry! Is not the word that I want to say because it won’t change anything .Those ‘words’ which you must got on your birthday and I wasn’t able to give you on that right time and you know the situation very well and write by yourself on my behalf which didn’t let me hold my tears back and started peeking out and ofcouse out of happiness πŸ˜‰.Though there might be left anything which I haven’t told you but still it feels like.

birthday wish

There are endless things which I’d yet to share with you. As it started with a friend request and slowly moved at rhythmic pace and turned out into this special bond which is almost impossible to breakπŸ˜‹ After knowing you, sharing time with you and we talk about meaningful things to useless one πŸ˜› but one thing remains constant which is a bright smile πŸ™ƒ. As I don’t have to tell my girl besti that whom I’m chatting with but my smile says it all πŸ˜› and in the meantime when not talking to you then your thoughts keep engaging my mind and don’t know when you became the unremovable part of my life and the biggest proof of this is in my worst mood the only person whom I turn to is You. I hate being crying in front of anyone and never do that but with you its different because I know you silently understand all the things and can put back smile on my face and even if all of your effects didn’t make it still I have a shoulder to cry on and have complete right to spoil your shirt πŸ˜› You are continuing making my days beautiful by being part of it from birds chirp to the twinkling of stars and at last a very happy birthday to my besti..πŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

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