love letter

As my day started I also started missing you

First of all, I got a smile just after writing the first word and you are the reason behind it. Because all I am doing now is thinking about you. Well, today’s morning was somewhat different from all the past mornings because you were not here. And also I didn’t get to hear from you. The first thought of my day was you and yes, you always are. I started missing you from the very beginning of the morning and as my day started I also started missing you.

You smile, your talks, your laugh, and the sound of your voice are never far from my thoughts. Yet I miss you more sometimes than I usually do. Your presence is not less than everything that I always want to be stable, that I always want it not to disappear for even a while. BTW, it might be the last day of the week for everyone but for me, its the first day of the week. Because you will be here again after one week.

I am always grateful to have you in my life and now it’s your responsibility to always make me grateful in this way. And I don’t want you to be constant in my life. I want it to always change positively and yes, it has always changed positively. Thinking about the last year, I said to you that most of the things have changed. And some of the things don’t exist today as they were in last year. But what matters is that you are here, like the everyday. You are always here. And I have much faith in you that I don’t ever have to ask you to be here. Because you also want me to be here always, maybe more than me. BTW, last year, today I was waiting for tomorrow and today too, I am missing you. Time, distance, and anything else may change but I don’t want it to change a little bit of what we have together. And I know it won’t, ever. Not because I am sure of me but also because I trust you much that I don’t have to question about it. And I have no words here with me to describe you. The words always seem missing and incomplete whenever I want to describe you.

As my thoughts start wandering around you,
the warmth fades from behind my smile
Your face in front of me and watched as my mood change
feels me
Quickly and I open my eyes
As long as I enjoyed where I was
My mind shows me that it was a thought
But heart knows
Not the thought but it was you
The person who knows all
The person who understands

The times when the words I left unsaid
And get lost in the moment instead
All the times I left your questions unanswered
There always were many things to tell

These are the things we held on
when we hadn’t let go
Here’s all the times I believed
That its only you I want

The days we spent waiting
To the days we were together
The nights that passes too quickly
To the days that become year without you

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