I can tell you a lot about her

I Can Tell You A Lot About Her

I am sure that I can tell you a lot about her. A lot of things about her you might haven’t noticed or imagined. I could tell a lot because I know her a lot.

I can tell you a lot about her

I can tell you a lot about her. She is someone with a big heart. Her loyalty to the ones who are close to her, who mean something to her, is unheard of nowadays. She smiles like she has never been hurt. And if you didn’t know her, you would not ever imagine her to ever be hurt. But it happens, a lot more than anyone realizes.

She is really fragile, It takes very little for her to be hurt and you won’t even notice it. She got hurt easily because she takes everything to heart.

I am not surprised if you don’t know a lot though, because her letting someone close to her is a rare thing to ever happen. Some of her past is not one of her favorites subject. She would not expect anyone to notice her or listen to the things she has to say that is not necessary to be said. But I am telling you, She is so worth it all. She is nothing you would ever expect. And you will feel alive in a way that you have never have with her in your life.

If I have learned anything from life. It’s that sometimes the darkest times can bring us to the brightest places. The brightest places that you haven’t ever imagined. I have learned that the most toxic people can teach us the most important lessons of life. That our most painful struggles can grant us the most necessary growth, and that the most heartbreaking losses of friendship or love can make room for the most wonderful people.

I am glad that I got these lessons because all these lead me towards her. I got to know her closely. We have made this far. We can make it through whatever comes next. It is all about her, and now I have something for her. Something to say to her that I haven’t said.

Hey… I hope you are reading this and I know you will read it soon. Sorry for not being able to say this all that I am gonna say here at the time when I have to say.

Everything is easy and clear to us and it also should be. Whether its anything, you always tell me. I won’t judge you. Not for even a single second… I know you from the deepest you. I know you more than others, I know why you do things and what are your likes and dislikes. I know you won’t do anything to hurt me, ever. I trust you for everything and have faith in you that whatever you do, would be for good for our good. Things could be hard sometimes. It could be hard to say or express sometimes but I won’t mind the way you would choose to tell me.

My trust and affection for you are too strong that these small things can’t change any single part of it. I got your first confession and you know what, when you mentioned it to me I said in my mind whatever it is, small or big anything wouldn’t change a single bit of me or you that we are today. And after listening to what you said I got a smile and got sad too.

Got a smile because that was too sweet to listen to your confession and watch you getting sad and worried for that little thing. That, a little thing you didn’t tell me made you sad.

I got sad because I realized that I don’t know how many times you might be tried to tell me. You were trying to say but didn’t get better chance to tell me. Why I didn’t realize that you are trying to tell me something that I should listen to. That every time you thought of telling me this thing and wasn’t able to tell, u got everytime sad.

But however, it doesn’t count. By the way, you are also a human with lots of emotion and u could decide anything and I will always accept your choice. For me you are the best person I have ever met and I know u always will be. My gratitude for u will never change. It could only increase day by day.


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